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Weekly Update: December 3, 2015

IRC Fire Protection of Floors and 2015 Energy Code on Table
It will be a busy month for the State of Iowa Building Code Bureau, under the State Fire Marshall’s office, as staff prepares to receive input from the industry on moving into the 2015 Code cycle.  The photo above is from an informal meeting held last Tuesday with the State’s Code Advisory Committee and other stakeholders.
Plum Building Systems General Manager Rick Parrino and Kirk Grundahl from the Structural Building Components Association in Wisconsin gave a nice report on the inequality on section R302.13 Fire Protection of floors and would like to see Iowa adopt changes that would make every system protected, none of it protected, or sprinklers.  Building Code Bureau Design Energy Engineer Dave Ruffcorn discussed the changes to the 2015 Energy Code.
A stakeholder group will gather tomorrow to decide whether or not to pursue it – HBAI Executive Officer Jay Iverson and NAHB Construction Codes and Standards Director Craig Drumheller will be representing our industry at the gathering.
Keep DOE Honest and Energy Codes Affordable!
The previous article is a perfect bridge into this – call or write your Representative today and urge them to vote YES on the North American Energy Security Infrastructure Act …
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