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Weekly Update: February 25, 2016


  The Iowa Truss Manufacturers Association had a nice legislative breakfast early Wednesday morning.  It was a productive meeting and quite a few legislators stopped by to talk about workforce development, career and technical education, apprenticeship programs and tax policy.  All good stuff.

Iowa Member Rebate Deadline Extended
Since the Member Rebate Program has been offered as a free member benefit of the Home Builders Association of Iowa, it has given participating members a total of $180,678.00. With 69 members participating in the program, that is an average of $2,618.52 going to each builder and remodeler member!
Members are able to claim for all residential addresses completed from July – December 2015 (October – December if they claimed in the third quarter of 2015). The final deadline to submit for this quarter is Friday, March 4th, 2016.  Click here for details.
Advocacy Wins Save NAHB Members $5,700 per Housing Start
Our members will save a total of about $5,707 per housing start in 2016 as a result of advocacy efforts in 2015 and other select member benefits. Visit the website to learn more about how to make the most of NAHB membership.
Bring Housing Home March 7-11
We are struggling a little with scheduling our federal …
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Weekly Update: February 4, 2016

  We had an excellent meeting last week with Iowa Congressman Steve King – it’s always an interesting conversation.  From left to around the table – Mike Farr, Don Beal, Jay Iverson, Congressman King, Rich Fitch, Jerry Cable Sr., Steve Shuey, and Dan Knoup.  Not pictured, but attending, was Mary Fitch.
Iowa Legislative Report
It’s all about education funding.  The House Republicans passed bills last week that offer a two percent allowable growth proposal for K-12 funding, which translates into an $81 million increase over last year.  Those bills then headed for the Senate and a party-line vote passed bills with a four percent allowable growth.  The Governor’s budget offered a 2.45 percent increase, so we’ll see what sort of compromise might happen. The state is projected to have $153 million in new revenue for next year (FY17) with nearly $200 million in already built-in spending increases.  Obviously there is no room for additional expenses beyond the House commitment of 2% and some tough decisions will have to be made.
House Republicans believe that they are working towards meeting the needs and providing certainty to our K-12 schools in a fiscally sound manner.  Over the last five budget years, the Legislature has directed …
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