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Weekly Update: June 1, 2017

Executive Order Expanding Floodplain Still in Play
Congressmen Blum, King, Loebsack & Young Contacted
In February 2015, President Obama signed an executive order (13690) that would arbitrarily expand the definition of “floodplain” well beyond the long-accepted 100-year floodplain.  As part of the Climate Action Plan, each agency was directed to create their own definition to account for future flood risk, using one of three options: 500-year floodplain, freeboard approach or using climate-informed science (see attached one-pager for more information).
This grossly expands the historical definition of a floodplain that is accepted by the government, industry and communities across the country and is based on risk and scientific assessment. We are concerned about the future of new housing developments, the redevelopment of existing and construction will occur.
One of the big problems with this E.O. is that FEMA periodically maps the entire country based on the 100-year floodplain and these new definitions would not include any new mapping.  It is unclear how builders will know what developments are in or out of these new floodplains.  Even more confusion will arise if each agency creates their own unique, possibly conflicting definitions.
Sen. Cochran and Rep. Abraham have authored a letter to OMB Director Mick Mulvaney and National …
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Weekly Update: May 25, 2017

Mike Rowe a Go for September 28!
Watch the video above – good stuff!  Mike Rowe has been secured for our event September 28 at the .  Much more info will be heading your way in the near future.  We’re planning for 1,500 people to attend.  Super exciting!
Mike Farr to Contribute $25k to HBAI Educational Corporation
Legacy giving to our scholarship fund is going to be a push as we try to build enough reserves to provide students entering the building trades with financial support.  Past HBAI President and volunteer extraordinaire Mike Farr (Cascade Manufacturing) has planned to provide $25k out of his estate to the HBAI Educational Corporation.  If you’d like to make arrangements to do the same, please contact HBAI Executive Officer Jay Iverson.
Quarterly Rebate Deadline Extended Until Tomorrow
Can’t get your claims in by May 19th? Not to worry! We have extended the deadline to Friday, May 26th! Claim for any single family home, remodeling project or multi-family units completed from January – March 2017. CLAIM TODAY and be rewarded for your loyalty to our 50+ manufacturer brands!  Clickhere for the claim form.
Want to Judge Iowa City Parade of Homes?
The Iowa City HBA needs a few more judges next Thursday …
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