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Weekly Update: March 16, 2017

If You Want to Make America Great Again, You Have to Make Work Cool Again
Mike Rowe nailed it on Tucker Carlson’s show earlier this month after he testified on Capitol Hill about the skills gap, student loan crisis, and high school vocational education.  Check out the video, it is dead on.  He also had a cameo in a great video “Trade Workers Deserve More Respect” – check it out here.
Legislative Report March 10, 2017
The HBAI Legislative Committee did not meet last Friday, but here is the report for the week.  HF3 Statute-of-Repose has not hit the House floor yet.  It passed the Senate (SF413) March 8.
SSB1145/SF438 – Project Labor Agreements:  This just passed the Senate.  From reports by MBI and ABC: It addresses concerns raised by non-union contractors about project labor agreements, which are a collective bargaining arrangement with one or more labor unions for a construction project. Such agreements have been used for some major public works projects in Iowa, including the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines, the new Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison, and the reconstruction and expansion of the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women in Mitchellville.
Supporters of project labor agreements say they ensure that workers are paid fair …
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Weekly Update: March 9, 2017

Iowa Senate Passes Statute of Repose Reduction Yesterday
We are really excited to report that the Statute of Repose reduction (SF413) has passed the Iowa Senate last night by a vote of 32 to 16.  All of the amendments offered were party line votes, but when all was said and done it passed overwhelmingly 32 to 16.  The democrats voting in favor included Senator Allen (Jasper); Senator Bowman (Polk); Senator Kinney (Johnson); and Senator McCoy (Polk).
Commercial will be eight years and residential was saddled with an amendment earlier by the Iowa House to make it ten years, which is comparable to a majority of other states.  There was much debate from Senate Democrats on keeping it at 15 years or having public buildings remain at 15 years to protect the taxpayer and the children.  We have long argued that the public buildings are the worst violators of maintenance issues.  For instance, a school will use funds in the classroom long before they would repair a roof.  Now on to the House.
Contact Your Representatives for HF3 Statute of Repose
We are not expecting problems in the Iowa House, but it wouldn’t hurt to follow up with House members.  You can find your local …
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