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Weekly Update: February 20, 2014

Funnel Week – A wild Frenzy
This is funnel week at the Statehouse – all sorts of information will be known upon the conclusion. Here is a list of the bills that we are currently monitoring or working on:
HSB 518          Excavator notification requirements (2/12 11:30 am HL)
HSB 542          Economic develop programs/SSB 3129 (2/6 passed sub)
HSB 573          Land use restrictions/SSB 3115 (2/6 9 passed sub)
HSB 575          Private construction contracts/SSB 3059 (2/6 didn’t pass sub)
HSB 583          Regulating multi-housing/SSB3134
HSB 617          Veterans homeownership fund
HSB 627          Exceptions from city zoning regs
HSB 638          First time homebuyer savings account
HSB 646          Homestead property tax increase
HF 184             Restriction of rental prop/HSB 9 (2/17 passed com) – support
HF 460             Drainage/levee districts (1/29 passed sub)
HF 572             Statute of limitations/HSB 173 – support
HF 2010           Common interest com (1/30 dead) – against 1/31
HF 2011           Hourly wage increase – against 1/31
HF 2048           Eminent domain
HF2052            Educational requirements for heating licensing (1/30 dead)
HF 2057           Real property enhancement/SF 2085
HF 2094           Statute of repose
HF 2100           Tornado resistance infrastructure program
HF 2108           Property tax assessment/HSB 508
HF 2146           RISE funds for highway access
HF 2147           Excise tax on motor fuel
HF 2152           Radon testing in public schools
HF 2230           Vehicle permits/const permits/HF 2059 (2/11 passed com)
HF 2234           Hiring preference to vets/HSB 512
HF 2261           Wage …
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Weekly Update: February 13, 2014

Speaker of the Iowa House Kraig Paulsen (left to right) meets with HBAI President Drew Retz, Tari Dailey, Mike Farr, and Doug Kohoutek yesterday at the Capitol.
Most Regions Meet with Key Legislators
In a rare moment when all the stars align, we had an excellent HBAI Legislative Day. It was a little shaky with the snowy weather right at the beginning, but our participants were able to meet with most of their area senators and representatives. It was nice to build and maintain those relationships without being at odds over any issues in particular. We presented a brochure containing our talking points. Click here for a copy of it. Our issues included:
Taxation: The membership of the HBAI appreciates the legislature and Governor’s successful 2013 session, which included property tax relief for Iowans. HBAI seeks to educate policy makers and the public on issues that will keep Iowa competitive and to ensure that future generations of Iowans have the opportunity of economic prosperity through home ownership. 
Housing Affordability: Our members are true patriots for housing affordability-they are small business owners under constant attack through unnecessary code changes and increased government regulation. These proposals drive up the cost of home ownership, which keeps Iowans trapped in less-efficient, …
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