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Weekly Update: March 13, 2014

Legislative Update – Second Funnel Week Now
The happenings at the Statehouse have once again been newsworthy – an assault on a legislator, fireworks, stiffer texting while driving penalties, worker training, and marijuana have all been in the mix. It seems as though everything that is moving through smoothly has wide, bi-partisan support. As promised long before the session began, they are all working to be done as quickly as possible and it’s still shaping up to accomplish that goal. Here is the latest culled list of the bills that we are currently monitoring or working on:
HSB 646      Homestead property tax credit; Support 3/7
HF 572        Statute of limitations/HSB 173; withdrawn; Support
HF 2011      Minimum Wage; Oppose 1/31      
HF 2094      Statute of repose/HSB 504; 2/27 passed House
HF 2108      Property tax assessment/HSB 508; 2/12 passed House                         
HF 2129      Cap gains ex for sale of stock, sm bus/HSB 502; Support 3/7                                  
HF 2230      Vehicle permits/construction permits on ag land/HF 2059; 2/25 passed House
HF 2273      Vehicle registration/levee districts/HSB 605/SSB 3140; 2/25 passed House
HF 2305      Economic development programs/HSB 542/SSB 3129; 2/18 passed com
HF 2317      Veterans homeownership fund/HSB 617; 2/18 passed com; support 2/26
HF 2321      Commercial property tax 
HF 2331      Restriction of rental prop/HSB 9/HF 184; 2/17 passed com; support 
HF 2344      …
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Weekly Update: March 6, 2014

Legislative Update – Full Steam Ahead
The happenings at the Statehouse have been newsworthy – shouting matches, elder abuse, school radon testing – on and on. As promised long before the session began, they are all working to be done as quickly as possible.
Yesterday the leaders in the split Legislature and Governor Branstad agreed to a spending level for the fiscal 2015 budget year – something that no one seems to remember the last time it happened. It could be a record-setting close to the session.
The spending target for the general fund beginning July 1 is set at nearly $6.972 billion. That is a 7.39 percent increase compared to current year funding that is $6.492 billion. The governor’s $471 million in adjustments for fiscal 2015 included $120 million for property tax replacement, $170 million to provide a four percent boost in state aid to K-12 public schools, $54 million to implement education reforms approved last session, and $86 million to pick up a greater share of the state’s Medicaid obligation not covered by the federal government.
The governor projects his spending plan will result in a $723 million surplus by the end of June 2015. His budget experts however say that the state’s ending …
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