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Weekly Update: November 21, 2014

New HBAI Net Forum – It’s Up and Running – Now Use It
Congratulations to Mike Farr and Mary Fitch, who within one minute of each other, joined the forum and posted information.  Both will win a $25 Scheels gift card for getting things started.  Here’s a testimonial post from Mike at Boyler’s Ornamental Iron:
Thanks for the invitation to join this listserve. As a subcontractor I may not post much due to the mainstream topics but I have found the information that is posted on other listserves that I subscribe to interesting and very helpful to all who subscribe, both those who post and those who lurk. Maybe even an iron guy can offer some useful information once in a while.         – Mike
Go to: and register.  Post whatever you want for now – stuff for sale, how to advice wanted or offered, help wanted – it’s wide open until it needs to have rules put in place.  
President’s Golden Eagle Award Goes to Brad Schulte
Our top honor, the President’s Golden Eagle Award, goes to Brad Schulte from Gilcrest Jewitt.  He has worked tirelessly on your behalf as the treasurer of HBAI for the past seven years!  It’s a well deserved award and an easy choice.  Melissa Schooley from Great …
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Weekly Update: November 14, 2013

Membership Campaign Nets 38 New Members!
Congratulations to our rock star membership recruiters who worked hard during our Membership Campaign. The following individuals brought in 38 new members!
6 – Steve Archer – (DM)
4 – Creighton Cox (DM)
3 – Randy Rempel (IC)
3 – Amy Pretorius (IC)
3 – Brad Gannon (DM)
2 – Julie Awkerman (QC)
2 – Stacy Woodward (Ames)
2 – Rich Callahan (SC)
1 – Holly Badtram (QC)
1 – Kim Beisser (DM)
1 – George Mirras (DM)
1 – Tom Gratias (DM)
1 – Colin King (DM)
1 – James VonGillern (DM)
1 – Zachary Fleming (DM)
1 – Matt Thompson (DM)
1 – Jim Wolcott (SC)
1 – Kevin Knudson (SC)
1 – Kyle Kelly (SC)
1 – Todd Hagaman (SC)
1 – Earl Miller (SC)

New HBAI Net Forum
We just put together what should be a fantastic tool for you to use – a forum/bulletin board.  They have been around for quite awhile, but how would you like to:

Find a solution to a problem that you’re encountering?
Sell a piece of equipment that you no longer need?
Request some temporary help/labor/subcontracting?

Those  are a few easy ideas and we’d like to keep it unencumbered by lots of rules, so use some common sense.  This is Jay Iverson writing this and I can tell you that personally I use forums nearly everyday.  I …
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