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Weekly Update: December 12, 2013

This stairwell at the Iowa Capitol will soon be home to many participants in the next legislative session.
Legislative Meetings Underway – The Session Should Be Smooth…
The first HBAI legislative meeting for the 2014 session was held yesterday.  Over two dozen HBAI members participated in the call and we discussed a myriad of topics including the statute of repose, radon, mechanics liens, window fall protection, minimum wage, silica, and several other topics.  It should be a good session – both sides would like to keep it smooth and fluid as they prep for the next election cycle.  
If you would like to participate, contact your local executive officer or if you are an at large member, email HBAI Executive Officer Jay Iverson.  Here is the legislative calendar. 
Need a New Logo?
This is super cool – if your company is in need of a new logo, check out For a small fee and a little information, you’ll receive potentially hundreds of logo ideas from which to choose.  You would then own that logo upon payment.  Several HBA’s and members have used it with great success.  The one to the left was just chosen yesterday.
IBS Early Registration Rates End on December 20
We’re nearing the deadline for your IBS registration – it’s next week …
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Weekly Update: December 5, 2013

Iverson Meeting with Fellow HBA State Executives
HBAI Executive Officer Jay Iverson is in South Carolina this week to meet with his colleagues who head up other state HBA’s.  A few of the many topics on the table include:

Federation issues (jeapordized states): Oregon; Colorado; Montana; Washington
Health insurance – who’s doing what
EOC discussion – 2014 plan; getting a state EO into the chairs; policy/political issues around the country; tax reform; storm water and other environmental enforcement; ‘cost of growth’ and other anti-growth sentiment returning with the market recovery; OSHA related issues, particularly fall protection; Immigration; state level uses of Koontz
Association related – membership reports; non-dues revenue ideas; communication problems and solutions; Builder Fusion and other database issues
Market related – housing starts; single v multi-family trends (owned and rental); impact of national builders



Newest HBAI Member – Heated Stone Products

With the cold weather upon us, that cold feel of granite, quartz, and other stone countertops is even more of a negative for homeowners 
wanting the elegance of stone in their homes. But there is now a great solution that warms up countertops using an ultra-thin heating pad that just sticks-onto the lower surface of the counter.
The product is called FeelsWarm Technology produced by Heated Stone Products of Lakeville, …
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