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Weekly Update: January 16, 2014

A Data Merge May Have Added You to This Weekly Newsletter
We bring this newsletter to you each week and it’s a primary tool for communication. It would be nice if 100% of our members viewed it, but in reality about 35% do. Statistically that’s awesome, but we’re open to any ideas that would make it a better product that meets your needs. It had been since March of 2013 that member information from NAHB’s database had been pulled. New information was merged into this Constant Contact database yesterday that may have added you. Unsubscribe at the bottom if you do not wish to receive it, but we hope you will. Feel free to ask your employees, friends, colleagues, or whomever to subscribe. The more information that we can distribute, the better informed all of us will be.
Legislative Session Off to a Good Start
You’ve probably heard the news reports as the 2014 Legislative Session kicked off last Monday. The talk has been that it’s going to be a quiet session that gets done quickly. In a discussion with a key Governor Branstad staffer Tuesday night, he made a point that he thought it was so wrong to have that attitude. Like …
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