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Weekly Update: February 2, 2017

GCRHBA Helps Homeless Veterans with $5k Donation
The Greater Cedar Rapids Housing and Building Association (GCRHBA) put together a Community Gala and helped support HACAP’s Operation Home to end veteran homelessness.  Over 25% of the homeless population has served our country in the military.  The GCRHBA proudly presented a $5,000 donation to the program.
Word is that Home Builders Do Not Care Much about the Statute of Repose Reduction – That’s What Legislators are Saying Anyway
Our call to action on this issue has been very weak.  Thanks to those members who did follow through with sending a note to legislators, but word at the Capitol is that the home builders must not care that much about it since they haven’t heard much from constituents.
Our number one legislative priority this year is reducing our state’s Statute-of-Repose from 15 years to eight.  We have the longest in the entire U.S.  Reducing it will bring in new insurance companies and reduce your insurance rates due to the shorter risk exposure.  All of our surrounding states have ten or less years.
We are working tirelessly to convince members of the House Judiciary Committee to pass the bill (HF3) as written.  It covers all real property.  There is …
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Weekly Update: December 8, 2016

  Our State EO20 group met this week in Tampa.  During the first week of each December each year, the executive officers of state HBA’s gather together to discuss needs and share information.  HBAI Executive Officer Jay Iverson is chairman of the group.  Our breakfast sponsor was Bonded Builders, who also took us out later that evening on a 106′ yacht owned by the president of the Bankers Insurance Group (B.I.G.) – the parent organization.  It was a taste of a lifestyle that none of us in the non profit world will experience very often and overall a great meeting.  Such a wealth of information in one room.
Excellent Content and Interview with Mark Reetz
Check out the latest issue of Build Des Moines magazine by clicking here.  There are several interesting articles, including an interview with member Mark Reetz, who chairs the state Building Code Advisory Council.
Speaker Upmeyer Announced House Leadership
House Speaker Linda Upmeyer (R-Clear Lake) announced committee Chairs and Vice Chairs for the Eighty-Seventh General Assembly earlier this week.  Click here for the full list.
Build for Performance Training
As a homebuilder, you know when to step it up – so get ready to push yourself and join us as we take …
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