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Weekly Update: December 1, 2016

10 Hour OSHA Course in Iowa City – Deadline Tomorrow
Here is a great opportunity on December 6 and 7, 2016 – a 10 Hour OSHA Construction Course designed for commercial and residential construction firms as well as sub-contractors. Attendees of the class will walk away with important knowledge of OSHA requirements, the importance of learning and adhering to proper safety procedures, as well as a practical understanding of why safety conscious behavior is so vital to each and every worker on the jobsite. Attendees will understand the importance of proactively preventing losses and demonstrating how it will help them retain profitability.
Topics include: Intro to OSHA, Fall Protection, Caught-in/Between Hazards, Electrical. Learn about scaffolds, personal protection and lifesaving equipment, stairways and ladders, material han-dling, storage use and disposal, power and hand tools and much more. All who attend will receive multiple handouts and a completion card issued by the OSHA institute. Click here for the details and if you are a member of our Federation, the member price applies depending on your local HBA.
HBAI Member Rebate Extended Until Tomorrow
You have until tomorrow, December 2 and it can’t be much easier to do and it puts money in your pocket for using …
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Weekly Update: November 24, 2016

HBA of Greater Des Moines 2017 leadership team

HBA of Greater Siouxland 2017 leadership team

Ames HBA 2017 leadership team
The Week for Annual Meetings!
This last week was the season for annual meetings – we had a great time attending the Ames, Des Moines, and Greater Siouxland HBA’s meetings.  The photos above are members of each respective leadership team present at the meetings.  Everyone seems ready for 2017!
FLSA Overtime Rule Blocked!
As you have likely heard, despite numerous legal experts saying it was unlikely, a federal judge in Texas has enjoined the changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act from taking effect December 1. It is still possible that the Department of Labor will appeal this decision and get the injunction lifted before the case is decided on its merits. Additionally, President-elect Trump has already stated that changes to the FLSA are a priority after the change in power in Washington. What this means for you is that any changes that you have made in preparation for the December 1 deadline are now not mandatory under the law, but may become so in the future.
Although the Court’s ruling is not final, it has the immediate effect of halting enforcement of the DOL’s new rule. …
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