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Weekly Update: April 20, 2017

The Iowa City Area Development Group brought together stakeholders to discuss worker shortages in the construction industry last week.  It was an excellent dialogue and panelists included Bryan May from BirdDog HR, IC HBA President Andy Martin of Martin Construction, Micah Loveless from Master Builders of Iowa, and Joe Greathouse of Kirkwood Community College.
First-Time Homebuyer Savings Account Heads to Governor’s Desk
The Iowa Association of Realtors has worked tirelessly for several years to pass a first time homebuyer savings account (SF505 and lots of variations in between).  It passed the House Tuesday evening 87-11.  HBAI was supportive of the bill and attended subcommittee hearings on the issue.  There was a fiscal impact that potentially could have killed it again.
After it’s signed by Governor Branstad, an individual (on or after January 1, 2018) may open an interest-bearing savings account for the purpose of financing the purchase of a single-family residence in Iowa.  It’s $2,000 per year for an individual or $4,000 for married taxpayers.  There is a ten year cap, so you can only do $20k/$40k.  A great job and a big thanks to everyone who helped get this passed.
Water Quality Rule Making – We Need Your Input on GP 1, 2 …
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Weekly Update: March 23, 2017

   This was the scene last Tuesday as HF3 sponsor Representative Koester (District 38, Polk County) put the final analysis on why this will be a good change.  He can be seen standing in the front row in the dark suit.  It was pretty much a party line vote.  Any kind of tort reform is hard to change with a strong Bar Association, but the pro-business climate prevailed.  Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen.
Statute of Repose on to Governor’s Desk!
After many years of heartache and partisan obstructionism, Iowa’s Statute of Repose will be reduced from 15 years to eight years for commercial and ten years for residential work.  It passed the Senate on March 8 and the House this past Tuesday, March 21.  This is a huge win for you as a member of this great federation.  Thanks to everyone who contacted their elected officials to help make the change possible.
Legislative Report March 17, 2017
The HBAI Legislative Committee met March 17 and discussed the following:
HF503 – Prevailing Wage – An Act requiring the payment of local prevailing wage rates to persons working on public improvements for public bodies, providing remedies and penalties, and including effective date provisions.  Explanation …
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