Weekly Update: February 16, 2017

homebuilders of iowa legislation

HBAI Legislative Report 2/10/17

We had a great HBAI legislative day yesterday – thanks to everyone who participated.  There were many more participants than in these photos, just tough to gather us all together at once.  We were very encouraged by the dialogue with our key issues.  Here is a copy of the brochure that we worked off from.



Hair and Private Sector Drug Testing –  SF 32 passed the Iowa Senate which would add hair specimens to the list of allowable samples for private sector drug testing.  The bill passed by a vote of 35 to 15.  The bill is now eligible for consideration in the Iowa House.  HBAI registered in favor of the bill.  As a side note, the bill was supported by six Democrats.  These Senators who voted in favor of the bill all come from districts in which President Trump did very well during the last election.  They are:  Chaz Allen (D-Newton); Tod Bowman (D-Maquoketa); Rita Hart (D-Wheatland); Kevin Kinney (D-Oxford); Liz Mathis (D-Cedar Rapids); and Amanda Ragan (D-Mason City)

HF231Economic Development Authority Powers with Apprenticeship Training Program – passed out of House.  (Monitor)

Newly Discussed:

Water Quality – The first round with the water quality debate was made by the Governor’s office, with the introduction of his recommended bill – SSB 1034.  This bill diverts 2018 through 2030 funds from the Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund (RIIF).  These funds would be used for edge of field erosion practice cost-share and other similar water quality practices.  Monitor

E-Verify Bill Introduced – SF 172 and HF205 would require the use of E-Verify when hiring.  Also, the bill would set up penalties if an employer knowingly hired an unauthorized alien.  Monitor

HF229Licensing Qualifications of Residential Master Electrician(If you’re an electrican and reading this, email Jay Iverson with your thoughts on it)  The bill provides qualifications necessary for a person to be licensed as a residential master electrician by the board. To be licensed as a residential master electrician, an applicant must file an application and pay the application fee as established by the board, pass a residential master electrician examination approved by the board, and provide the board with evidence of having completed at least four years of practical experience performing residential electrical work.  Undecided

HSB62 & SSB1092Mechanics’ Liens and Public Construction Liens – Under current law, when a mechanic’s lien is for material furnished or labor performed in the construction, repair, or equipment of any railroad, canal, viaduct, or other similar improvement, the lien does not attach to an easement or right-of-way. The bill provides that such a mechanic’s lien does attach to an easement or right-of-way.  Against

HSB86Electrician Licensing – modifying licensing provisions applicable to electricians and electrical contractors.  The bill removes reference to farm property from Code section 103., subsection 7, which provides an exemption from Code chapter 103 for performing electrical work on an owner’s principal residence under specified circumstances.  Undecided

SSB1055Geothermal tax credit – property tax exemption for the value added by certain geothermal heating or cooling systems and including applicability provisions.  This bill authorizes the exemption for the refitted construction or installation of a geothermal heating or cooling system on or after July 1, 2017, on property classified as multi-residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural property. The bill also removes the 10-year limitation on the duration of the exemption.  Monitor

SF201Common Interest Community Reinstatement of Lapsed Use Restrictions – This bill relates to the ability of a common interest community to reinstate lapsed use restrictions.  The bill references the definition of “use restriction” in Code section 614.24, which is a limitation or prohibition on the rights of a landowner to make use of the landowner’s real estate, including limitations or prohibitions on commercial uses, rental use, parking and storage of recreational vehicles and their attachments, ownership of pets, outdoor domestic uses, construction and use of accessory structures, building dimensions and colors, building construction materials, and landscaping.  Against

homebuilders of iowa on the hill
Your HBAI Board of Directors met yesterday after our annual hill visit day.  We only meet three times per year, so we covered a great deal of ground in a fairly short amount of time.

homebuilders of iowa walleye

HBAI Team a go for Lake Erie Walleye Tournament – May 5-7

We’ve tried to put this together for the past few years, with lots of interest but little commitment.  This is different – we’re half full right now for the 2017 Wall-Iowa Tournament.  We will have a team of six people.  There is nowhere in the world with as good of a chance to catch 30″+ walleyes consistently.  The cost for each of us is $610, which includes three days of guided fishing, lodging in condos, a prime rib dinner at the awards banquet, and tons of prizes and awards.  We need to put it together ASAP since the condo fills up and four teams have to live off site, which is a pain.

This is Jay Iverson writing this and I participated for about six years in it (many years ago) placing in the top three each time.  There is enough prize money to pay for the entire trip and more.  I usually walked away money ahead and with quality items like St. Croix rods from door prize drawings.

Once we have our six, we’ll figure out transportation and there are inexpensive options for that. Friday May 5 is a pre-fishing day, Saturday May 6 and Sunday May 7 are tournament days.  Email me if you’re interested as soon as possible – Jay Iverson.

Scholarship Deadline

The HBAI Education Corporation annually awards scholarships to students entering the building trades.  If you know of a student, the deadline to apply is March 31.  Follow this link for more information and the application.

Travel Discounts

We recently announced a new member benefit – discounts on travel.  So far they have been significantly less expensive than any other travel site.  It’s a $99 value, but costs you nothing as a member.  Pass it on to family and friends too.

With your FREE Snazzy Traveler membership (valued at $99) you gain access to unlimited savings on thousands of hotels, cars, cruises, activities and more all year long.  Go to:


Enter our exclusive promo code: HBAIowaTravel2017

When you enter in our code, you have to hit that “redeem” icon or else it acts like it wants credit card info and a $99 payment.

OSHA Requires Job-Related Injury and Illness Reporting

Just a reminder: Employers were required by Feb. 1 to post OSHA Form 300A, which summarizes the job-related injuries and illnesses that occurred in the previous year.  The form must be posted until April 30 per Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordkeeping mandates, and displayed in a common area where notices to employees are usually posted.

To assist in calculating incidence rates, information about the annual average number of employees and total hours worked during the calendar year is also required. If a company recorded no injuries or illnesses in 2016, the employer must enter “zero” on the total line. The form must be signed and certified by a company executive.

It’s also important to note that OSHA’s recent final rule on recordkeeping clarifies an employer’s continuing obligation to make and maintain an accurate record of each recordable injury and illness. The final rule became effective Jan. 18.

This rule was intended to clarify OSHA’s position that an employer’s duty to record an injury or illness continues for the full five-year record retention period. Meaning that, up-to-date and accurate injury and illness records should be maintained for five years after the end of the calendar year in which the incident occurred.

Additionally, OSHA’s new Electronic Recordkeeping/Reporting rule (Part 1904) requires employers with 20 or more employers to submit the same injury and illness data from Form 300 electronically by July 1, 2017.  (Employers with 10 or fewer employees and employers in certain industries are usually exempt from federal OSHA injury and illness recordkeeping and posting requirements.)  For more information, visit the OSHA Injury and Illness Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements online or NAHB’s Recordkeeping Toolkit.

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