Weekly Update: November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving from Your 2015 HBAI Executive Committee 


Member Rebate Program Extended to December 5

The deadline to submit for the 3rd Quarter has been extended until next Friday, December 5th. Check it out by clicking on the link below – this will be for claiming product rebates on any homes, remodeling projects, or multi-family units that you completed from April – September that used any of our participating Manufacturers below. (July – September if you claimed in Q2’14)

To learn more, go to http://www.hbarebates.com/builder.html

Weekly Update: November 20, 2014

  New HBAI Executive Committee Announced 

2015 President Keith Butz (left) thanks outgoing President Drew Retz for a great 2014.

At our HBAI Board of Directors meeting last week, our new Executive Committee team was elected for 2015.  A big thanks to the following volunteers, chosen for their leadership abilities:


President – Keith Butz (Des Moines)

First Vice President – Steve Shuey (Ames)

Second Vice President – Tim Ruth (Iowa City)

Past President – Drew Retz (Cedar Rapids)

Treasurer – Melissa Schooley (Iowa City)

Secretary – Mary Fitch (Ames)

State Representative – Don Beal (Des Moines)

National Director – Glenn Siders (Iowa City)

Associate National Director – Mike Farr (Cedar Rapids)

BUILD PAC Trustee – Rich Fitch (Ames)

Presidential Appointments:

Chad Kuene (Iowa City)

Rich Callahan (Sioux City)

Scott Webster (Quad Cities)

LaDonna Gratias (Des Moines)


HBAI Member Renewals

We have quite a few members that are not associated with our local HBA’s and they’re an important part of our Association. We’ll start highlighting them as they join or renew. Please recognize the following renewals this week:


American Home Design Center, Creston, IA

Mark Gudenkauf Construction, Dubuque, IA



Thank you for casting your vote for housing on Tuesday, Nov. 4!  We are pleased to report that BUILD-PAC had a 95% success rate nationally (Iowa 100%!) – meaning that the candidates BUILD-PAC supported – House and Senate, Democrat or Republican – won their elections.  This is a great win for the industry to ensure our issues remain at the top of the agenda in a New Year and a new Congress.  NAHB Government Affairs Staff and BUILD-PAC Officers sincerely thank you for meeting with your congressional delegations throughout the year, inviting Members of Congress to speak at your state events and taking the time to educate these industry leaders on local housing issues that deserve national attention.

CLICK HERE to review a copy of NAHB Government Affairs election analysis!

To date, BUILD-PAC has raised over $2.4 million and disbursed more than $2.4 million to congressional candidates and committees. As most of you know, particularly in recent months, your local fundraising efforts have paid off.  In order to reach BUILD-PAC’s overall fundraising goal of $2.75 million, we need to make one final push.

While many of our members might be under the impression that BUILD-PAC’s election cycle fundraising ended once the midterm elections wrapped up, or in some cases are wrapping up, that is inaccurate.  BUILD-PAC’s 2013-2014 election cycle runs from January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2014.   The bottom line is that between now and December 31 we need to seek out:

– Additional contributors
– Existing contributors willing to upgrade
– New high donor contributors

We encourage you to “Give Back to BUILD-PAC” this holiday season by making an online contribution.  Members must be logged in to donate and should click “Make a Donation to BUILD-PAC” on the left hand side to do so.  If each high donor member recruited one new member at a minimum of $100 between now and year’s end, we could bring in an additional $75,000!


Code Proposals with Price Tags

In a big win for our federation and the home buyers we represent, the International Code Council(ICC) has taken a significant step forward in ensuring that code change proposals come with price tags.  In its press release announcing the opening of the 2015/2016/2017 code development cycle, ICC also announced that it will require all advocates to include the costs associated with any proposals introduced along with the paybacks, where appropriate.

It’s exactly what NAHB Chairman-elect Tom Woods asked for when he addressed the ICC board onSept. 29 and called on code change proponents to provide “quantitative information regarding the magnitude of the expected increase in construction costs.”

In an official statement lauding the ICC ruling on cost estimates, NAHB Chairman Kevin Kelly said: “NAHB commends the ICC for approving this landmark ruling that will require all code change proposals to include cost estimates. By acknowledging that costs are an important factor in determining the merit of code change proposals, this will make the building codes process more cost-effective and affordable. In turn, this will help keep housing costs down, enable builders to construct more energy-efficient homes and allow more young families to enter the new home buying market.”


The Des Moines HBA Remodelers Council had a great meeting last Tuesday with local code officials.  We were able to discuss a number of timely topics and it was an excellent dialogue.

We were at the Greater Cedar Rapids Area HBA annual meeting last night at the Czech & Slovak Museum – an excellent venue and a great group of leaders were sworn in.