Weekly Update: September 21, 2017

   We had an excellent conversation with Congressman Steve King last Tuesday.  He always has an interesting insight to what is going on within the beltway.  In attendance around the table were Mary Fitch (in red); Jay Iverson, Congressman King; Rich Fitch; LaDonna Gratias; Jerry Cable; and Dan Knoup.

Lots of Exposure for Skilled Trades Event

We couldn’t be happier with the nationwide exposure to our Mike Rowe event next week.  It’s definitely the buzz and it will be a great time.  Des Moines HBA EO Dan Knoup and HBAI EO Jay Iverson were on WHO 1040 and iHeart Radio’s “Need to Know with Jeff Angelo” show last Wednesday.  You can check it out by clicking here.

The “Saturday Morning Live” show on WHO and iHeart radio with Justin and Adrianne managed to contact Mike Rowe on the phone and they all did a great job discussing our needs and the event itself.  Check out the article “Mike Rowe Sure Loves Iowa” here.  Then click on the “Listen to the full interview with Mike Rowe” to listen to it.

October is Careers in Construction Month

October is Careers in Construction Month, an opportunity to increase public awareness about the opportunities available in residential construction and related trade professions. Anything that you can do in your circles to help promote career paths in construction would be appreciated. Check out the Careers in Construction Month Toolkit for ideas to recognize the contributions of those professionals working in the field and to foster a positive image of construction careers.  Here are Downloadable Promotional Materials, brochures are available for you to print locally.

OSHA Silica Rule Starts Saturday – Good-Faith Efforts for 30 Days

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has announced that it will consider good-faith efforts by employers to comply with the new silica rule for the first 30 days following the start of enforcement on Saturday, Sept. 23.  OSHA said it will offer outreach and assistance to help ensure that covered employers are fully and properly complying with the new requirements.

Employers may be cited if it appears, upon inspection, that an employer is not making any efforts to meet the new rule.  Resources and background information for complying with the new rule can be found on NAHB’s website at nahb.org/silica.

NAHB and the Construction Industry Safety Coalition have requested that OSHA withdraw the increased crystalline silica exposure standard and work with the construction industry to develop a more feasible and economical approach to dealing with the silica hazards.

NAHB’s legal challenge on the silica rule is still pending. The case is scheduled to be argued before the court on Sept. 26.  OSHA’s memo announcing this information can be read here.

The Third Annual I BUILT THIS Video Contest Now Open

NCCER and Build Your Future’s I BUILT THIS video contest aims to give aspiring craft professionals and their instructors an opportunity to showcase outstanding construction projects and designs.  Video entries must be submitted by Oct. 23, 2017 at 8 p.m. EDT. Contest winners will be announced at the end of October in celebration of Careers in Construction Month! Apply today!

   Members of the Greater Iowa City HBA gathered at McGrath Hawkeye Harley Davidson in Coralville last week for a really fun after hours.  It was a great crowd and a fun place to gather.

Tax Reform Webcast Available

With Congress expected to take up work on tax reform legislation shortly, we’ll need you to advocate for the right bill based on our members’ priorities on some key elements.  The Sept. 18 “Tax Reform and the Housing Industry” interactive webinars kicked us much closer to the goal.
If you were not able to participate in one of these sessions, it is not too late to get an understanding of the issues at hand.  Listen to this recording of the webcast: The session discusses:
  • The mortgage interest deduction, state and local tax deductions and their effects on single-family sales
  • The home equity deduction, energy tax incentives and other issues affecting remodelers
  • Multifamily issues, including the LIHTC, 1031s, and carried interest
    General business tax issues, including the tax treatment of debt
The webcast includes a member question and answer session and a review of some of the priorities on which NAHB is seeking input. It is not too late to weigh into the discussion.  Review the webcast recordingand provide your thoughts to NAHB at boardtopics@nahb.org. Remember, the webcast recording is a member-only resource, so you must be logged into nahb.org to view it.

HBA of Iowa Leadership Nominations Due

Your application to serve your state HBA in a leadership position is due September 20.  It’s fun, low impact, and comprised of a great group of people.  If you are interested in serving on any Executive Committee position – please let HBAI Executive Officer Jay Iverson know by then.  The Nominating Committee will be happy to see how you can fit into our future growth and plans.

Here are the job descriptions and applications – just click on the description for more info and application:

Interested in Centerville, IA?

The City of Centerville, IA is looking for Real Estate Developers and Home Builders for the completion of housing on a developed parcel in Centerville.  The project consists of 11 remaining residential lots for single-family residences.  More information is available here or by contacting the City of Centerville at 641-437-4339.


Shop class safety with Gerry Dee.

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